Project Finance and Administration Manager – University of Rhode Island

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OurFish OurFuture Project Finance and Administration Manager

    •  University of Rhode Island –USAID OurFish OurFuture Project
    •  Suva, Fiji


Overview/Why Work with us

The five-year OurFish OurFuture Project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Finance and Administration Manager is a full-time position responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective fiscal management of all aspects of the OurFish OurFuture Project at the Project Management Office in Suva and fiscal oversight of the partner offices of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), LMMA Network, and The University of the South Pacific (USP). This position is a member of the OurFish OurFuture senior management team. The position reports directly to the OurFish OurFuture Chief of Party (CoP) and works closely with all OurFish OurFuture program and fiscal/administrative staff located at both the University of Rhode Island (URI) Coastal Resources Center (CRC) office in the USA and the in-country Fiji office to ensure accurate financial and contractual management and reporting to the management team and USAID. The Finance Manager will ensure a strong internal control environment, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Reports to:

OurFish OurFuture Chief of Party (CoP)

Coordinates with:

OurFish OurFuture Deputy Chief of Party (DCoP)

CRC International Administration Coordinator for OurFish OurFuture

CRC Project Manager


  • Office Assistant



Fiscal Management

  • Ensure OurFish OurFuture meets all due diligence requirements regarding financial management.
  • Review all fiscal transactions to ensure allowability and accordance with cost principles.
  • Ensure all purchases are cost effective and follow procurement policy of the Project.
  • Review, approve, and ensure the prompt payment of invoices for all operational and program expenses.
  • Review and ensure accurate postings to accounting software and ensure monthly reconciliations.
  • Actively monitor cash flow needs of the in-country offices and coordinate accordingly with CoP.
  • Ensure monthly bank statements are fully reconciled.
  • Ensure preparation of monthly clearings for forwarding to the CRC International Administration Coordinator and respond to questions/comments/documentation needs from the CRC office regarding those clearings in a timely manner.
  • Request advances, as needed, against the budget balance from the CRC office.
  • Manage all payroll, tax, retirement, and severance functions for the OurFish OurFuture team.
  • Ensure headquarter fiscal practices/policies are adhered to in field site offices.
  • Ensure any cash on hand in the various offices are secured and there is a robust system in place for checks and balances.
  • Review all travel and activity advances and ensure that staff submit source documentation receipts to ensure full reconciliation in a timely manner.
  • Ensure program income correctly earned, recorded, and used in accordance with US Government Uniform Guidance.


  • Ensure full compliance and application of Project Standard Operating Procedures and other policy directives that may come from URI, USAID, and the United States Government as related to managing this federal cooperative agreement award.
  • Conduct periodic sample “audits” of compliance with OurFish OurFuture fiscal policies and procedures and correct any deficiencies.
  • Approve and/or sign for expenditures up to a level agreed upon and as stipulated by the Project’s Delegations of Authority provided by URI/CRC.


  • Prepare relevant fiscal inputs to annual budgets (includes working with partner organizations external to OurFish OurFuture to capture their budget needs as well).
  • Monitor and track fiscal expenditures against workplan activities and budget and coordinate with Project technical staff accordingly.
  • Report budget/expenditure problems and discrepancies to the CoP and work to identify corrective actions.

Subrecipient Management

  • Ensure federal award information and compliance requirements are identified and reviewed with subrecipients.
  • Ensure that subrecipient activities are appropriately monitored.
  • Ensure all subrecipients have systems in place to comply with proper Accounting, Financial, Administration, Operating Procedures, and Internal Control best practices. Report significant concerns to the Senior Management Team and the CRC International Administration Coordinator.
  • Monitor and review subrecipient financial reports including 100% audit of backup documentation to ensure all cost charged to Project are allowable, reasonable, and allocable.
  • Ensure subrecipient audit findings are resolved and that the impacts of non-compliance assessed and reported to the CoP and the URI/CRC International Administration Coordinator.
  • Support and build capacity of all local subrecipient on financial systems and USAID and Uniform Guidance rules and regulations.
  • Coordinate closely with URI team on fiscal capacity building strategies of local implementing partners.
  • Supervise local consultants providing fiscal capacity building services for implementing partners.
  • Assist CRC with the implementation of Sub-Award close-out plans and ensure the full completion of sub-award close-out procedures.
  • Manages cashflow to all subs including reviews and submission of sub-grantees invoices to CRC through the CoP.


  • Work with URI in developing terms of reference and identifying local audit firms for external audits of the OurFish OurFuture office and the local implementing partners.
  • Key person on all OurFish OurFuture internal and external audits including responding to all audit queries and the implementation of all audit recommendations.
  • Liaise with all subrecipients in the application of periodic audit recommendations to ensure both timely and full implementation of all audits and or financial assessment recommendations.


  • Stay abreast of all changes in protocols, procedures and formats for URI, USAID and Governments of Fiji, Palau, the FSM, the RMI, PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and United States Government requirements for fiscal reporting.
  • Produce monthly and quarterly reports detailing budget to actual expenses by account and IR codes; perform variance analysis. This includes information required for quarterly accruals and pipeline requests to USAID.
  • Assist the CRC Project Manager in preparation and submission of both Accrual and Pipeline reports to USAID.
  • Provide the OurFish OurFuture CoP and the CRC International Administration Coordinator with an annual summary report on the fiscal health of the Project and its operations and other fiscal or management reports upon request.
  • Provide accurate, monthly cost share reports.
  • Ensure subrecipient reports are accurate, on budget and submitted on schedule.
  • Annual submission of VAT reports to USAID.

Cost Share

  • Submit quarterly cost share reports to CRC International Administration Coordinator for both Project Suva office and all implementing partners.
  • Validate all related cost share backup documentations to ensure they meet USAID requirements.
  • Submit annual cost share progress report to CRC International Administration Coordinator.

Human Resource Management

  • Conduct performance evaluations of direct report finance and administration staff and contribute to evaluations of other staff as requested by the CoP.
  • Work with the OurFish OurFuture CoP and/or other Project senior management as appropriate to identify instances of direct report finance staff weak performance/skills and work with administrative and fiscal employees to develop a plan of action to correct the deficiencies.
  • Assist with writing the job descriptions and recruiting/hiring direct report finance and administration staff as required over the course of the Project.
  • Embrace a leadership style that promotes learning and capacity development for direct report finance and administration team.

General Administration

  • Serve as OurFish OurFuture Suva office liaison with URI/CRC on fiscal matters, as appropriate.
  • Provide guidance to in-country team and consult with URI, when needed, on interpretation of applicable contract, grant and cooperative agreement terms and conditions, as well as other administrative rules, Uniform Guidance, USAID ADS, OMB (including A-21, A-133, A-110), 22CFR226, 22CFR228, and FAR, etc.
  • Manage local vendor contracts and subcontracts (using URI templates) and ensure compliance with local law and/or URI or USAID policies/regulations.
  • Work with the OurFish OurFuture CoP to resolve vendor/subcontractor/partner disputes.
  • Ensure the Project paper and electronic fiscal filing systems are properly structured and efficiently maintained and current.
  • Proactively coordinate with the Senior Leadership Team during work planning and in an ongoing manner to ensure revisions and recalibrations are well aligned with full team.
  • Assist with implementation of the close-out plan for the OurFish OurFuture office in coordination with the URI administrative team.
  • Maintain close coordination with Project staff on financial matters and advise them, as appropriate, on matters requiring their attention.
  • Promptly report to the OurFish OurFuture CoP and CRC International Administration Coordinator instances of serious fiscal, administrative or human resources-related deficiencies/problems and assist in implementing recommendations for corrective action.
  • Liaise with the Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team to conduct periodic joint monitoring and reviews of all local partners.



  • Complex, multi-year budgeting
  • Advanced Excel and database management
  • Computer-based accounting
  • QuickBooks or other accounting software proficiency
  • Administrative and human resource management functions
  • Management of complex subcontracts
  • Internal auditing
  • Development of administrative, fiscal, and human resources management systems
  • Team building and interpersonal communications
  • Multi-tasking across a complex portfolio of fiscal and administrative functions
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Excellent verbal and written English


  • Minimum five to seven years of budget development and tracking, internal auditing and other financial or cost management experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of financial/accounting software applications, databases, spreadsheets, and/or word processing required including Microsoft Excel and Word. Knowledge of other accounting packages a plus.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) required.
  • Development of detailed office/fiscal/human resources management systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Oversight of partner subcontracts for adherence to terms of reference, budget, reporting requirements, fiscal procedures.
  • A demonstrated history of effective leadership and management working at multiple scales/levels within an organization and with external organizations and donors.
  • Supervising diverse fiscal and administrative teams.
  • Serving as a key member of a senior management team.
  • Required: Five years financial and administrative experience on USAID-funded projects.


Preferred: Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, MBA.

Required:  Certified Public Accountant or foreign equivalent, Undergraduate degree in business or a related field with a minimum of five to seven years of experience in a position of financial or cost management for international development program operations.

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